The Human Ethic

Ceane La.
2 min readApr 15, 2020


Fairness, a guide & governance for Humankind.

I propose a new form of governance for all of Humankind — Humanity, One Vision, Two Hands, one that raises the bar, that is fair and equitable to all and respects and enriches the dignity of all of Humankind.

Human rights are fundamental to the ethos, existence & endurance of humankind.

All humankind are guaranteed to be equal and possess these fundamental rights to deepen our empathy, apt for peacefulness, collaboration, imagination, discovery, exploration, intellect, innovation, impact & unity.

The essential rights of empathy, autonomy & free expression.

The right of experience of empathy, unity & equality.

The right to life & experience of a healthy thriving biological environment with respect to sustainability & existing life ecosystems & biodiversity.

The right to free accessible & quality personalized education at all levels, healthcare & longevity, sanitary, housing, hygiene, clean water, transportation, connectivity & rate-limited energy, food, clothing & augmented reality.

The right to roam freely upon Earth & in Space, its structures, formations, habitations with respect to private property & nature.

The right to privacy, peace & security.

The right of experience of technological progress & innovation in pursuit of technological singularity & beyond.

The right to a clean society, disease control, responsible waste management, sanitation, responsible resource consumption & continuously innovative adaptive infrastructure.

The right to love the self & others openly and discretely with regard to the biological maturity of those involved.

The right to private property & self-determination with respect to & priority of unity, contemporary ethos & innovation.

The right to repair our consumer products & technology.

The right to self-renewal, empathy, rehabilitation, intelligence, creativity & open-mindedness.

The right to being governed by maximum collaboration, continuous innovation, ensuring human dignity, health & comfort; truth, empathy, democracy & fairness for all humankind.



Ceane La.

Singularitan in pursuit of achieving technological singularity.