What’s a Focus™?

Ceane La.
1 min readMar 10, 2020


An Ao neuro-device, also know as a BCI or brain-to-computer interface useful for connectivity, Ar and more. It is also an Ai driven app that is a component of other apps & software


Just like smartphones, we need neurotech as well as interfaces that are harmonious across several platforms.


The software version of the Focus™ is just an app that is a part of a larger app. The hardware version of the Focus™ is a brain-to-computer interface that can do Ar, and possibly Vr.


Let me tell you a story about the past few years, it started in 2015, I was doing a lot of hobbyist programming and skills development on the side and I decided to put my efforts & creativity into building something different, something new…

Then along came nocturnal, the first app that I would put all my efforts behind, however with nocturnal it inspired a lot of questioning behind modern day interfaces and technologies, so I decided to let my idea simmer for a few more years and thank goodness I did, blockchain, Vr, Ai, and a whole host of technologies began to become more reasonable for modern day devices and the everyday consumer.

App / 2017

Company / 2019



Ceane La.

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